Description: A powerful cocktail of cutting-edge active ingredients aimed at fading hyperpigmentation and evening out skin tone. Created to offer unlimited possibilities for custom blending to achieve ultimate results. Mix with ProMe products to increase their potency as needed.
Skin Care Step: TREAT (AddMe)
Size: 1.7 oz (50 ml)
MULTI-TASKING OPTIONS: powerful peptide cocktail additive for custom blending with ProMe products | serum for use during hardware procedures including radiofrequency and micro-needling | active serum for alginate masks and compresses | serum for use directly on the skin
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For proper use of this product, please follow our training protocols to reach desired treatment potency by dissolving from 0.5% up to 5% in delivery solutions.

Works to fade hyperpigmentation and even out skin tone.


Licorice oil or malt root extract. Stimulates collagen formation, prevents deepening of wrinkles, smooths, and tones. Lightens skin overall but is especially helpful against pigmentation. Anti-inflammatory and protects against environmental damage. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Palmitoyl dipeptide-6. A combination of two synthetic peptides that boosts the function of the Dermal-Epidermal Junction (DEJ). Significantly stimulates the synthesis of collagen (types IV, VII, and XVII). Extremely effective at reducing signs of aging including wrinkles

Acetyl hexapeptide-30. Possesses moisture-binding, skin restoring, and anti-aging properties that specifically target expression wrinkles.

Skin lightening complex. A complex of active skin-fading components including extracts of Asian plants. Suitable for lightening the skin and reducing dark spots.

Powerful antioxidant. An illuminator that protects against ultraviolet exposure. Combats the breakdown of collagen, reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well as inflammation.

Whitening agent. Active oxygen reacts with skin pigments and fades them. As a result, hydrogen peroxide helps lighten the skin while cleaning and removing dead cells.

Extract of soy or red clover. Anti-inflammatory agent inhibits the degradation of collagen in the skin.

Lightening agent. Powerful antioxidant, rich in sulfur. A bleaching substance that helps to remove pigmentation marks without irritating the skin.

Lightening agent. Helps to reduce hyperpigmentation intensified by age, stress, lentigines, ephelides, post-inflammatory spots, and melanodermis.

Gentle whitening agent. A natural ingredient extracted from leaves of berries, mushrooms, and pears. Works by inhibiting tyrosinase which suppresses the pathway that produces melanin (or pigmentation).



All of our AddMes can be blended with one another and with our products as directed. If you’re one of our ProMe Professionals, you can feel free to check out our protocols to see a wide variety of ways to apply our products depending upon the needs and goals of your client.

Absolutely not! Our products are never tested on animals.

Your ProMe Professional can create personalized ProMe products—precisely suited to your skincare needs and goals—that you can use to elevate your home skincare routine.

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As your skin or your goals change, your ProMe Pro can customize almost unlimited options to expand or adjust your skincare routine at home.

Yes. There are no parabens in any of our products.

After opening, your ProMe products can be safely used for 24 months.

Definitely. We evaluate every client’s skin, then custom-blend products to address their individual skin concerns or goals, including acne or other teen skin issues.

Yes, they can. Each of our four masks affect the skin differently. All* can be enhanced using our AddMe products as needed. (*Except in the case of the U Mask, where the AddMe formula must be applied to the face before applying the mask as a layer on top.) If you’re one of our ProMe Professionals, you can feel free to check out our protocols to see various ways that more than one mask can be incorporated into a single service.

Definitely. A number of our products are ideal for use with electrical facial treatments, micro-needling, and other mechanical treatments. Although it is crucial to check the manufacturer’s directions, both our AddMe Meso Skin formula and our Arctic Gel Mask are especially suited for use as a contact gel during machine treatments.

Yes, they can. Our line includes everything needed for a full facial and more. A treatment can be as simple or complex as your ProMe Professional decides it should be. Most importantly, it will be custom-tailored to the needs of your skin.

If you’re one of our ProMe Professionals, you can feel free to check out our protocols to see a wide variety of ways to apply our products depending upon the needs and goals of your client.